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Is the coming circular economy an economy of essentials? What are we willing to give up. How do products change, how does the culture of consumption change?
Unintended aspects of digital twins.. If you look at operational data and the concept of digital twins and clouds, this should be something to understand and document.
Digital humans are going to create opportunities and have associated risks. It needs stewardship and thinking through.
Subscription models - Will cloud-first thinking enable new kinds of enterprise subscription models in learning?


Children - Data Games with their Future

There are three data points to think about Instagram is working on a version for children under 13 Proctoring applications are a lot more …
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A QR code in the Sky

Somewhere in Shanghai, there is a QR code in the sky. There is the technical wizardry of drone operations that could create a QR …
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Data Breach – 10 customer expectations

When brands and companies are moving towards more digital platforms, services and even APIs it is time for the brand purpose to reflect this long-term commitment. Leaky data faucets, incorrect settings, and improper sharing practices are not technical problems alone; they should be a brand purpose focus. Monetising and being a data business are all fine, but the company needs to be a trustee of their customer data and safety in this context too.
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