Connecting experiences

  • Choosing a Laptop

    An opportunity for the company to make their brand experience shine. It is also time to rethink the whole concept of ‘planned obsolescence’. Laptops and devices need to last longer through the right feature fix, longer software updates and support and recycle services

  • Choosing a Mac Laptop

    It was time to replace the 7-year-old MacBook Pro. This machine had served my friend well. It had been part of the art creation process, performed equally well in image management and largely was the most important accessory in many a meeting, both offline and one. Speed had become an issue and OS and software…

  • New exhibition and conferencing experiences

    A large exhibition means an ecosystem of people working at different stages to ensure the exhibition and conference experience is a success. There is an extended ecosystem of hotels, travel companies, connectivity providers and the benefits accrued to a city. Things have changed now. The last two years have changed the exhibition experience and expectations.…

  • Digital experiences and hosting services

    Should one continue hosting with a traditional multi-service provider or consider newer, specialised hosting and digital services? Hosting companies, over the years, have added services to their portfolio and the promise is the ‘cPanel’ that an organisation gets with all the services on offer. You can ftp, manage databases, host WordPress sites or others, manage…

  • On integrated experiences

    What can the integration of hardware + software + ML + custom components achieve for a company? Experience gains for devices or services powered by this integration will provide the answer, either immediately or over a longer-term.

  • More to imagine and build

    Learning experiences, pre-visualising realistic experiences and walkthroughs and linking back to other features are starting points.