Inspiring great performances in tough times

Customer experience has become even more of a critical issue in the current business environment. But think about this. If one were to look at the Brand Experience in terms of internal and external.
Some of the best coaches in sports manage to get their teams to perform way above their level and making them believe in a shared vision.
Think Employees, they have to go deliver the brand experience to customers. What does a company do in making them feel connected to the core philosophy of the company or brand. It starts here…
Think Customers, do they get great experiences from motivated employees or others? So the tone that one hears in emails, call centers and other communication and services is a reflection of the above….

But in this season of slow down and layoffs, how do the CEO’s and other leadership members get to be like the best sports coaches and make their companies do better.
One might say that coaches have a smaller number of people to work with but a leader in a company must reach out with a human, inspirational voice across many levels and regions.
Can it be done in the age of collaborative practices but in reality a communication vacuum?






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  1. Manoj Avatar

    Do they really exists?
    How do they communicate all these with there colleagues when there are so many restrictions implemented on several media and other platform.
    Shouldn't they be allowed use these tools to discover and contribute in organisation.

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