A List of Trends, Ideas, Predictions for 2011

Over the course of the last few weeks, there have been many posts predicting the trends for 2011. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the posts that I have come across. I will also keep updating this post over the course of the next few days. I look forward to more posts and your views.

Ten Crowdsourcing Trends for 2011

  • Crowdsourcing marketplaces will earn significantly more market share.
  • More professionals will participate in crowdsourcing.
  • Professional associations will continue to lose relevance because they do not speak for nor represent the interests of the growing creative movement.
  • Traditional agencies will continue to erode, in part, because of crowdsourcing.
  • More industries will leverage crowdsourcing.
  • The rise of mobile crowdsourcing.
  • The Publishing industry will embrace crowdsourcing.
  • Crowdsourcing will render geography irrelevant.
  • Governments will continue to embrace crowdsourcing.
  • Crowdsourcing businesses will evolve their business models to provide more sophisticated crowdsourced services.

Location And Mobile Tech Predictions For 2011

  • Carriers make a comeback and will reach 50 million opt-in consumers with location-based marketing at mass-scale.
  • Facebook wins the location wars – Foursquare pivots and Gowalla goes cult status. Apps aim beyond the check-in for cool factor.
  • Location land grab comes to an offline location near you.
  • Google’s Android platform matures and catches up on infrastructure to match Apple’s iOS.
  • Microsoft needs to do something big, and will buy Nokia.

Five B2B Trends for 2011

  • Forward-thinking CEOs will finally loosen their purse strings and invest in top line growth.
  • Interactions with your employees, shareholders and customers will need to be even more transparent.
  • Mobile technology will become more mainstream.
  • More people will pay others to simplify their lives.
  • “Push marketing” is dead. Long live pull marketing.

How You Should Invest in 2011: Scalable Programs

  • Hire correctly (Gurus/ Ninjas/ Samurai need not apply) and properly train for scale.
  • Integrate social media on the corporate website, then aggregate and curate.
  • Invest in advertising that leverages social graph.
  • Build an unpaid army of advocates ““ get your customers to do the work for you.
  • Invest in scalable systems like SCRM and SMMS.
  • Learn to measure using the ROI Pyramid.
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10 Trends for 2011 in 2 minutes

In this trendletter:

  • Executive Summary
  • All the World’s a Game
  • The Urgency Economy
  • Non-Commitment Culture
  • Eat, Pray, Tech
  • De-Teching
  • Retail as the Third Space
  • Creative Urban Renewal
  • Worlds Colliding
  • Hyper-Personalization
  • Outsourcing Self-Control
  • Appendix


CRM 2011 – What’s Up Wit’ Dat? – Part I

CRM 2011 – What’s Up Wit’ Dat? – Part II

Brief overview of the 11 consumer trends:

Top 11 Ad Agency Predictions for 2011

  • Social media gains greater speed
  • Outsourcing continues to gain speed
  • Agency strategic integration skills become more critical
  • The New (Hybrid) Ad Agency
  • Agency strategic partner role to increase
  • Chief orchestrator role becomes vital
  • Blogging continues to explode
  • May the best (digital) talent win
  • Traditional media will continue to decline
  • Greater engagement in social media to win new business
  • Ad agencies apply creativity throughout the enterprise

Six Social Media Trends for 2011

  • It’s The Integration Economy, Stupid.
  • Tablet & Mobile Wars Create Ubiquitous Social Computing.
  • Facebook Interrupts Location-Based Networking.
  • Average Participants Experience Social Media Schizophrenia.
  • Google Doesn’t Beat Them, They Join Them.
  • Social Functionality Makes Websites Fashionable Again.

Predictions for 2011 From IDC

  • IT Spending Will Recover
  • Non-PC Mobile Devices Will Out Sell PCs
  • 25 Billion Mobile Apps Will Be Sold
  • Social Business Software Market Will Grow, Consolidate
  • Social Networks and Mobile Shake-Up Verticals

10 Event Trends for 2011

futurescompany http://www.thefuturescompany.com/page/press_releases/

10 trends directors need to know about in 2011“”from cloud computing to serious social networking…

  • Up in the cloud
  • Serious social networks
  • Virtual new world
  • Think outside the box
  • Stronger Collaboration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Smartphones get smarter
  • Taking the Tablets
  • Tech goes green
  • Turn on the video

7 Predictions For Social Gaming in 2011

  • Facebook becomes a game platform
  • Growth returns to Facebook game ecosystem
  • Rival social game platforms emerge
  • Social device sales go through the roof
  • Mobile struggles to become a social network
  • Interoperable games become relevant
  • NanoStars demonstrate an even better form of virtual goods monetization

11 trends for 2011 – euro rscg

  • Mad as Hell“”and Only Getting Madder
  • Talk to the Hands
  • Net Gain
  • Public Mycasting System
  • Booting Up
  • Yes, We can… Reinvent Ourselves
  • Reinvention, Part II
  • Separated at Worth
  • Gender Bender
  • Who’s in Control?
  • Tapping Minitrends

11 Branding And Marketing Trends For 2011

  • Value is What the Consumer Says It Is
  • Brand, Meet Value
  • Zappos-ification
  • Ethosnomics
  • Differentiation Can Be Emotional
  • They’re Talking to Each Other Before Talking to the Brand
  • Friendtelligence
  • Putting the Brand Into Their Hands
  • Prolifetition
  • Exponential Expectations
  • Engagement is Not a Fad

12 Customer Experience Trends for 2011

  • Mobile Customer Experience Matures
  • Customer Expectations Impact the Experience
  • Voice of the Customer Adoption
  • Revenue VS Cost
  • Interaction Channel Growth
  • Cross-Channel Experience Still a Challenge
  • Social Media Impacts Experience
  • Power Shift: Companies VS Customers
  • Retailers and Hotels Provide the Best Experiences
  • Health Insurers and Service Providers Deliver the Worst Experiences
  • Customers Co-Create the Experience
  • Customer Experience A Bigger Priority

Top Ten Food Trends for 2011

10 Disruptive Trends That Will Shape Our World in 2011

  • Rise of Defensive Branding:
  • QR Codes Everywhere
  • All the World’s a Service Desk
  • Media Blending
  • Sharing Takes a Chill Pill
  • Local Loco (Anywhere/ Anyplace Shopper Tools)
  • Mood Check-Ins
  • The End of Resumes
  • The Rise of Speedbacking
  • Hispanic/ Latino Marketing Hits a Tipping Point

Better curation on Twitter, pushback against anonymity, and more new startups: Predictions for 2011

8 Customer Experience Trends For 2011

  • Customer Insight Propagation
  • Unstructured Data Appreciation
  • Customer Service Rejuvenation
  • Loyalty Intensification.
  • Interaction iPod-ization
  • Social Media Assimilation
  • Digital/ Physical Integration
  • Cultural Renovation

What is your prediction for how digital publishing and rich-media marketing will change in 2011

Top mobile, social trends for 2011

”In 2011, digital in-store is going to be humongous, and mobile bar codes will be prevalent,“ Mr. Bough said. ”While mobile bar codes still need a few more years to really achieve mass-market adoption, a code that is on every product that is shipped worldwide“” what a huge opportunity to provide additional information and content.
”There is a race to own those codes, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on the space in 2011,“ he said.

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Brand: 10 Things To Try In 2011

  • Be Courageous, Often
  • Revisit and Refine your Purpose
  • Shut Up and Listen
  • Who’s Your Enemy?
  • Set Some Big Goals
  • Create A Passionate and Engaged Team
  • Inject Fun into the Everyday
  • Plan For Learning
  • Make Friends With Other Brands
  • Say Thank You and Show Your Really Mean it

The IPv4 problem, geofencing, and lots of hyperlocal

  • The world will run out of addresses by March 2011.
  • Lots of new hyperlocal initiatives will launch before summer 2011 by a vast number of traditional media organizations.
  • 2011 will be the year of the tablet.
  • Geofencing will become an integral part of the checkin experience in 2011.
  • Data-filled firehoses will spring leaks everywhere in 2011.

Enterprise 2.0 Predictions & Trends for 2011

  • Mobile Adoption in the Enterprise
  • The Rise of APIs
  • Enterprise App Stores
  • Cloud Computing
  • User Experience
  • Game Mechanics
  • Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Social Media
  • Collective Intelligence

50 Big Ideas, Predictions and Trends for 2011 and Beyond

Five Unexpected Mobile Predictions For 2011

  • The mobile browser is the new black. HTML is back and it’s the new app.
  • Mobile social gaming will expand beyond Apps into the browser.
  • Cuadrados Cuatro? Latinos will define the next great U.S. mobile service
  • 2011 ““ The year of in-content mobile commerce
  • Google’s biggest competitor won’t be Apple, It will be Google

Social Innovation Trends In 2011

While the output of a product or service may be innovative, It is the thinking behind them that created the innovation.

  • Look for those who understand ”Associating.“
  • Look for those who never stop asking questions.
  • Look for those that closely observe the details of people’s behavior.
  • Look for those that experiment.
  • Look for those seeking new knowledge.

4 Social Media Predictions for 2011

  • Social media isn’t just about marketing
  • Tying social media metrics to actual business goals
  • More sophisticated analysis: Timing Tweets
  • Lower prices

Social Business Predictions 2011

  • Leadership: Social strategy will move into the C-suite, where it will become an important component of an organization’s overall strategy.
  • Consumer Engagement: A handful more marketers in 2011 will give up trying to inject people with viruses and will abandon the idea that there are five or six voices in a community who, if “converted,” can automatically bring a flock of sheep to a brand.
  • Workforce Engagement: Organizations will start realizing that there’s more to listening than hearing.
  • Social Architecture: Businesses that have never considered their information as an ecosystem asset wake up to emergent uses and possibilities from sharing.
  • Location Based Services: Game over for LBS businesses based on game mechanics.
  • Peer-to-peer relationships: As social networking becomes the foundation for more and more decision-making, people will find that their closest friends really aren’t the best source of expertise.
  • Metrics and measurement: Brands will quit worrying most about what can be measured and put the focus instead into what would be most useful for the audiences they want to reach.

Anytime Anyplace – digital is everywhere in 2011

  • Digital Goes Out-of-Home

Out-of-Home Gets Personal
Out-of-Home Gets Interactive
Out-of-Home Gets Lifelike

  • RFID Tags


The Global Software Market In Transformation

  • Companies Start To Invest More Into Innovation In 2011
  • Cloud Computing Is Getting Serious
  • Business Intelligence Is The No.1 Priority Software Application In 2011
  • companies Are Building Their Own Customer-Facing Mobile Applications
  • The Software Market Shifts To Subscription-Based Licensing

10 Disruptive Trends That Will Shape Our World in 2011

  • Rise of Defensive Branding
  • QR Codes Everywhere
  • All the World’s a Service Desk
  • Media Blending
  • Sharing Takes a Chill Pill
  • Local Loco (Anywhere/ Anyplace Shopper Tools)
  • Mood Check-Ins
  • The End of Resumes
  • The Rise of Speedbacking
  • Hispanic/ Latino Marketing Hits a Tipping Point

Learning Technology Trends To Watch In 2011

The Top Six Innovation Ideas of 2011

  • Contestification
  • Keep Touching Me and I’ll Screen!
  • WWWabs
  • That’s Quite A Coup, Onward Group!
  • From Farmville to Pharmville: We Got Game in Business
  • A Beautifully Designed Lobby

11 trends for mobile apps in 2011

  • Your mobile strategy will go beyond the iPhone and iPad.
  • Android fragmentation will be a major challenge for all.
  • Tablets will appear in every home and will need tablet applications.
  • The number of active users will be more important than the number of downloads.
  • Social will differentiate the mobile application experience.
  • Mobile-exclusive brands and content will have success.
  • Paid content will have limited success due to infrastructure.
  • Mobile applications and the mobile Web will get hitched and play nice together.
  • Applications leverage near-field communications to become mobile commerce tools
  • Application security and threats will become important.
  • Fragmentation across operating systems and device will grow exponentially

The Six Things Organizations Should Fix in 2011

  • Organisations are too busy “being organizations” to truly address the needs of their customers.
  • Most companies are still structured around “product silos” rather than customer segments.
  • Many executives are still confused by social media–or at the very least they are confused about how to capitalise on it.
  • Many customers are disillusioned with most of the companies they deal with.
  • “Below the line” is now well and truly the new “above the line.”
  • And, last but not least, no company will fix any of the above until their respective CEOs assume the role of “chief customer officer.”

2011 Consumer Trends Forecast

  • Projected Publicity
  • Interactive Retail
  • Charitable Deviance
  • Wearable Tech
  • Brand Reversion
  • On the Spot Style
  • Real-Timing
  • Modern Cubism
  • Next Besting
  • Tangible Printing
  • Hyperrealism
  • Toddler Touchscreens
  • Democratic Selling
  • Rockstar Self-Expressionism
  • Modern Kidvertising
  • Luxury Lives On
  • Geriatric Couture
  • Perpetual Adaptation
  • Tweetonomics
  • Discrete Consumerism

100 Things to Watch in 2011

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Alvin Toffler – 40 for the Next 40

The Top Twelve Customer Management Trends for 2011

  • The Revenue Impact Of Poor Customer Experience Is Recognized.
  • Business Process Management Extends To The Front Office.
  • The Business Value of Social Customer Engagement Becomes More Evident.
  • The Hidden Costs of Sales-Enablement Become Intolerable.
  • Demand Generation Evolves Into The Lead-To-Revenue-Management Process.
  • eCommerce Integrates with CRM, BI and OMS.
  • Voice of The Customer Programs Rise In Importance.
  • Front-line Users Push For User-Friendly Customer Data Analysis Tools.
  • Adopting Customer Data Management Best Practices Remains A Challenge.
  • Mobile Applications Empower Customer-Facing Workers.
  • CRM Cost Of Ownership Models Evolve Toward Better Transparency.
  • SaaS Buyers Turn To Advanced Questions About Governance.

Enterprises will become more social and mobile

The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value

Four Key Trends

  • Mobility: 2011 will be the year where the word ”mobile ” is replaced by ”mobility.“
  • Retail Renaissance
  • Purpose Driven Marketing
  • Paid, Owned, Earned (POE) will replace Analog/ Digital and Above Line/ Below Line in marketing vernacular

[slideshare id=6212591&doc=emarketerwebinarkeydigitaltrends2011-101217102347-phpapp01]

2011: Enterprises will become more social and mobile

The HBR Agenda features Dan Ariely, Tim Brown, Peter Capelli, Thomas H. Davenport, Esther Duflo, Claudio Fernandez Araoz, Lynda Gratton, Vijay Govindarajan, J. Richard Hackman, Herminia Ibarra, Paul Kedrosky, A. G. Lafley, Charlene Li, Jack Ma, Jean Francois Manzoni, Daniel Pink, Michael E. Porter, Edgar H. Schein, Eric Schmidt, Klaus Schwab, Clay Shirky, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Robert I. Sutton, and Laura D. Tyson
2011 Social Media Influencers Predictions
[slideshare id=6407923&doc=trendsspotting2011socialmediainfluencers-101230064048-phpapp02]

What’s in Store for 2011 in the World of Identity?

  • Identity Administration Reaches Maturity
  • Access Governance becomes the Cutting Edge
  • Strong Authentication Becomes Authentication
  • The Emergence of Identity Brokers for Consumer Identities
  • More Consolidation“¦
  • Cloud Identity Starts Getting Crowded

Trends that the Hotel Industry must Understand in 2011

  • Integration increasingly important
  • Photos as lifestreaming
  • The evolution of blogging
  • The Social Graph on your website
  • Geo-location for city exploration
  • Check-ins as part of a larger business strategy
  • Bridging the online/ offline gap with mobile
  • Closed social networks
  • Group discount buying and Private sales sites
  • Sophisticated review management
  • Social CRM

5 Notions To Embrace In Your 2011 Marketing Strategy

For CMOs, 2011 Will Be About Explaining Why, Not How

  • Brands and mass media are inexorably connected.
  • Many brands are dead, only they don’t know it yet.
  • Conversation can’t bring them back.
  • Old media still drive the bus.
  • Doing is the new thinking.

Dare to challenge yourself and your team to face the truly existential conundrum that last year’s most entertaining campaigns can’t fix, no matter how well you copy them.

Advertising agency check list for 2011

  • Focus on talent
  • Get your increment/ promotion strategy into place
  • Stop “˜cheating’
  • Stop corruption
  • Focus on account planning and strategy
  • Keep an eye on wasteful expenditure
  • Invest in training
  • Market yourself
  • Beware of digital, the Trojan Horse
  • Learn to collaborate

Three key data trends for 2011

  • The market for data
  • The rise of real-time
  • The race for developers

Top Trends and Developments for 2011

  • The beginning of something profound
  • The further rise of Global Risks
  • Worldwide generational conflict will grow
  • Media upheaval will continue
  • Innovative news ecosystems
  • We will see collapse of the app
  • The Age of Hyper Transparency
  • There will be a social media privacy backlash
  • The battle over net neutrality will intensify
  • The Individual citizen.

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