Reinventing the Employee Experience

Future of the workplace is an interesting topic and if searched on the net one finds rich material. This note is neither prescriptive nor predictive. It is merely a compilation of intents, and perhaps, related action that will help navigate emerging trends in an effective manner.
Intent one : Being Humane
Not just putting either customers or employees first, but just simply being human. It may be about promises made and then kept. Why does the modern corporation with its swanky offices all over the world seem so soulless? Why are the words so fulsome and yet the intent so empty or often reeks of betrayal.Those that can stand it, stay on and hope things will improve but many leave. The people who leave are employees and partners. They take away rich experience and capability.There is hope that future workplaces can be relied upon to keep their promises and be humane.
Intent two : Learn and Guide
The workplace is not a physical space that is called an office. It is merely a comfortable place that enables one to complete what one promised to do. It could well be a cafeteria or a couch at home or the desk in office. One could be interacting face to face or in a digital conversation stream, there is opportunity to learn and guide. And both are needed. How does the modern corporation enable this? More importantly how does one grasp this opportunity to learn, guide and connect with our peers?
Some thoughts that can be evaluated in the context of emerging workplaces
Think Employee
1. There is a shortage of experienced professionals. The ability of the company to retain experienced professionals seems diminished in the face of choices.
2. Well trained experienced women who were once a part of the workforce need to be integrated back. Innovative solutions need to be considered so that work and life can be integrated better.
3. On the other hand, new members need to be integrated better. Not just processes and manuals but an acculturation process followed by the right kind of learning systems.
4. If you look around various workspaces today, they all seem very similar. A colour difference denotes a different company. Do they really foster creativity or initiative?
5. In a business world, where response time is becoming critical, there is a need to focus on effective and relevant communication delivered when needed. 
Think Partners
1. Workplaces need to integrate with experts and professionals who are not directly employed with a company. Let’s call them partners. Some make the mistake of treating them as vendors.
2. Integrating partners into the ecosystem of a workplace is going to be crucial. The question is how and how quickly? Integration with partners must result in a seamless workflow and a compelling set of skills to tap emerging opportunities.
Think Technology
1. Tablets, wearables and more replace laptops to provide the information and learning required.
2. Real time insights or as Mr Vivek Ranadive highlights the importance of the 2 second advantage.
3. Solutions that implement conversations and information access for a workplace that is increasingly mobile, not in the same location or time zone and one that connects skills networks within the organisation and outside.
The answers to these and other intents and questions will outline changes in the workplace. Workplaces need to encourage initiative fearlessly.





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