How to Access Your Desktop Computer from Home

Work from home is the pressing need of the moment. In the quest to contain the virus, people are being encouraged to stay at home. For people who have been using desktop computers in their offices, this is a challenge that needs quick resolution.

Business applications (e.g. Tally) that run on your office desktop or local network may not be available in a work-from-home scenario. Remote Desktops are a quick and easy way to access these applications. Some of your options are

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop – Windows 10 Professional desktops can use the Remote Desktop option. On your home device (Mac, windows, Android or iOS), you can install the Remote Desktop app to access your office desktop computer.
  2. Chrome Remote Desktop – Using the Chrome browser and your google account to access office desktop from home is also another option. You have the option to download the Remote Desktop apps for various platforms as well.
  3. Azure Windows Virtual Desktop – While the above 2 instances may be quick and effortless, larger organisations may also want to evaluate this option.
  4. Amazon Workspaces – If you have an Amazon account, starting with this service is easy. It offers a desktop as a service approach. You choose the specifications and the pricing model. There are configurations for conventional productivity as well as graphics level performance. As above you have options to access this virtual desktop from any other device from home. Think of this as a device on your network and configure it with the security setup of your organisation.
  5. You also have Remote Desktop options like AnyDesk, Teamviewer and more.

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