Digital Whiteboards

Writing on the wall yet? For those of us who love whiteboards and markers to build ideas, plans and to connect the dots with colleagues, it must be a significant change to be working from home.

The absence of markers and the physical space of the meeting room makes for a distorting change in workflows. But the digital realm has some good options for you to explore.

Microsoft Whiteboard is available for users of Office365. You need corporate IT to activate it for you and your colleagues. There are apps for Windows and iOS. It is available in the browser. While it lets you draw free form, you can also add images and notes. The iPad app also features templates for Persona Builder, Problem Solving and together with Apple Pencil make for an efficient collaborative solution. More importantly, sharing your whiteboard within Microsoft Teams is just a matter of adding a tab.

If you and your colleagues work on strategy frameworks like Business Model Canvas or working on service blueprints and more, then you should look at Miro. You can choose from a lot of out of the box templates and invite your colleagues to work on the project dashboards. Or work on an empty canvas in a free form mode.

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