Audio Dial-in To Your Web Meeting

This may be apparent to larger companies and people used to web conferencing. The recent work from home situation is new for a large number of people. They may be using tools like Zoom for now but are also faced with a critical issue and that is erratic connectivity.

If the internet connection is not stable for even one of your participants, the meeting is likely going to be sub optimal. I have been receiving some calls on this issue as well. The best way to mitigate this is to use a dial-in service. Some companies call it the Dial-in audio bridge. Most of the larger firms have this option

In recent times, everyone seems to have signed up for the free Zoom plan. This is a convenient and quick start. Zoom offers Toll free dialing or call me feature in their add on plans. You will need to upgrade to their Pro Plan at least. And then buy an add on for 100USD per month for Toll Free. The process is very simple. The pricing page is here .

Another option you have is to use Zoho Meeting. They have a paid plan that is much cheaper than some other options.  Plus you can buy the audio toll free option for Rs 11,520 for the entire year. It is much cheaper overall and priced in Indian currency .

There are audio bridge solutions by Tata Tele and Airtel and many others. It’s perhaps time for these companies to consider a new experience and online provisioning and signup.

Quick note – Do select a service that has a audio toll-free bridge in your country or region.






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