Temporary Access Pass and the idea of passwordless login

Experts understand password related vulnerabilities and realise what a good and secure password strategy means. But this is not equally well understood by everyone. People reuse passwords because they may be convenient to remember.

More remote operations have increased the need for better and more secure methods; to close vulnerabilities from a cybersecurity perspective. From a typical user’s view, Windows Hello, Face ID provide a biometric option. There are other options too. However, from an experience standpoint, there are still many hurdles to address.

A recent approach has been to go passwordless. An older Gartner report quotes a number between 60%(large companies) to 90%(midsized) going the passwordless way by 2022. Things may have accelerated now. I came across this video of Microsoft’s Temporary Access Pass. It seeks to make it easier for users to enrol in new services without generating a password. Roughly 200 million people have enabled passwordless login for services like Outlook and Xbox Live!

With an increasing number of cybersecurity issues, any steps to improve end users’ safety experience is a welcome step.

Reference – WEF Partnership Against Cybercrime






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