Augmented reality – AR Contacts, Mars Rover and more

  1. AR Contacts Lens is likely to be available for testing later this year and is expected to be tried by people with visual impairment. Mojo Vision has created a prototype that contains an image sensor, display, motion sensors and even wireless radios.
  2. You can see through Perseverance rover Mars Rover’s eyes and even take selfies with it. It’s a collaboration between NASA and National Geographic.
  3. Remote laundry guidance solutions by Electrolux: The technician and customer can share the same view, not their device. Apparently, this contactless experience has significant advantages over a standard video call.
  4. Packaging QR code starts the AR experience: – You simply scan the code on your Amazon package and potentially make some exciting experiences.
  5. The idea of trying the Nike Diors on AR is intriguing! 200 beauty brands have uploaded thousands of SKUs on the platform. Plus Ikea turns decluttering into a game with an escape room.
  6. AR can create exciting new opportunities for expression. Imagine a painting or sculpture in your own home is one way. Another is to make AR installations in other public spaces and more! According to artist Cao Fei, AR art is portable and shareable.






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