Video surveillance, video analytics and culture

Do video cameras improve safety? There are many reasons to answer in the affirmative!

  1. Public spaces, offices, homes and playgrounds, shopping zones and more continue to see rapid installations, unified by the belief that security improves. But if there are videos, there then needs to be analytics and well…. deep-learning analytics. Security is one aspect, but what about emotion analytics of your store visit or your social media post?
  2. The camera looking at you also makes judgments about your environment, emotions, purchases, and more…. some might be ok with it. This kind of analysis is a growing market with service providers at all ends of the spectrum.
  3. The news of company breaches is all too common. The latest being the video surveillance company whose security feed streams were accessed and possibly video data exfiltrated.
  4. I often think about how A/B testing approaches gets that desired click. Add the element of emotion tracking in AR/VR/Videos, and it makes for an uncomfortable scenario envisioning all this.

The safety experience needs a comprehensive assessment and thinking through.






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