Industrial Smart Glasses and Spatial Reality Displays

Sony Spatial Reality Display

I first saw the video in October last year, and it has been a part of emerging technology discussions.

You are not wearing any headset or glasses and perhaps will open up a new way of working on 3D or maybe spatial experiences in creative new ways. An example of that is Tate McRae‘s Immersive New 3D Music Video.

Simply moving around—up or down, side to side—makes you feel like you’re interacting with the content right in front of you.

Makes me want to create real-time immersive experiences on Unity with the Sony SDK if it ever becomes available in India. It works with the Unreal Engine as well.

Industrial Smart Glasses

Some scenarios
– Remote assistance enabling ‘See-What-I-See’ (SWIS) video-conferencing capabilities that allow everyone in the call to see what the smart glasses wearer is seeing
– Pick-by-Vision – Hands-free barcode scanning combined with voice commands
– Step by Step guidance for tasks via the heads-up display. Helps in the execution of complex workflows

Interesting pilot in the Airfreight industry






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