Physical Spaces and Digital Experiences

  1. Burberry and Elle Digital have created a virtual store experience that’s available till April 19.

They are exploring the relationship between physical and digital experiences to enhance personalised luxury commerce. And certainly introducing the brand to a broader community!

It’s a virtual replica of its flagship Ginza store, and you can browse the 3 floors of the store in your browser.

Use the trackpad or scroll to see if you can zoom in, seamless in a sense. Would have loved more zoom on some but still pretty good!

Navigation and product detail elements help move about the store.

It’s made on the Matterport platform.

2. Google MapsDigital twin of our world being detailed one update at a time?

  • Indoor Navigation with AR cues in some airports, malls and transit stations. Limited city availability for now but will grow
  • Weather layer with air quality information to be available within the map in India, Australia and US to begin with






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