More to imagine and build

I have been experimenting with the functionality of Metahuman Creator by Unreal Engine. This is still in the beta stage, but a few things are clear.

  1. The metahumans you see in the attached image are based on the sample models in the beta. You can do a fair bit of customisation. One can work on facial features, hair and body type. There are some sample clothes and colours to experiment with. I am sure more functionality and customisation would be possible.
  2. I started with a long and white-haired metahuman. I attempted to change features in an attempt to visualise a younger version of it. And the other one was a younger metahuman with short hair and how they would look with a bit more white hair. Not quite perfect but it still gives you an idea of the tool’s potential.
  3. The exciting bit is that you can take this metahuman (via Quixel Bridge) and put this into a scene in Unreal Engine and perhaps other platforms.
  4. You take it to the next level with a tool like iClone. Lipsync, motion capture and more, but that’s for another day.
  5. The use of this feature in gaming makes visual effects apparent, but there are clearly more scenarios.
  6. Learning experiences, pre-visualising realistic experiences and walkthroughs and linking back to other features are starting points.

People working on developing and visualising personas would find this creator very useful as well. More to imagine and build.








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