I am curious and extremely focused on Learning.

I assimilate information and make sense of it.

Information as diverse as the world of business, how children learn, the wonders of space exploration, new technology, music and did I mention I read a fair bit.

I feel things are connected. I seek conversations to learn new perspectives, build on what I know and make connections in Ideas, Solutions.

In a world that is technologically connected, living longer, resource-scarce and climate challenged, I fret for the children.

When I started on my entrepreneurial journey, flummoxed friends asked, why? Being independent at the start and later in business operations has been a choice.

What  I know

  • Work with the C-Suite including CEO, COO in preparing the customer experience vision
  • Design Customer experiences that cover the complete customer journey
  • Define and Implement the customer experience strategy of clients including new products and services
  • Work with functional departments like Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Services to strengthen CE performance for clients.
  • Create guidelines, procedures, service maps, centres of excellence, Blended Learning Platforms, Onboarding content, curriculum design for teams and partners
  • People Centred Design, Customer Journey Mapping and Tools
  • Conceptualize, Prototype immersive and augmented experiences for services and learning

How I Can Help You

  • Customer Journeys + Experiences
    • Sustainable CX Strategy and Design
    • Service and Process Design
    • ESG Journey Mapping
  • Emerging Tech + Productivity Tools
    • Cloud and other technologies for Sustainable Products and Experiences
    • Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences
    • Customer and Community Platforms
    • Knowledge Systems

Connect : FuturescapeLinkedin , Twitter