Connecting dots, journeys, technologies and experiences

The Work

Work with the C-Suite, including CEO, COO in preparing the customer experience vision

Customer experiences that cover the complete customer journey

ESG, Customer Journey Mapping and Tools

Work with functional departments like Marketing, Sustainability, HR and Operations, Services to strengthen CE performance for clients.

Create guidelines, procedures, service maps, centres of excellence, Blended Learning Platforms, Onboarding content, curriculum design for teams and partners

Conceptualize, Prototype immersive and augmented experiences for services and learning

Customer Experience Strategy and Design

Customer experience strategy has an important new dimension. Corporate ESG and Net Zero commitments focus on the product/service journey map that must factor everything from product manufacturing, customer service, cyber safety and product recycling.

Let’s talk about ESG Journey Mapping and Sustainable CX Strategy and Design.

Spatial Experiences

Do you think about spatial computing and what it means for your brand or company?

AR and VR norms in financial reporting, Direct to Avatar economy, Digital Humans, Digital Fashion provide a rapidly growing canvas of new enterprise spatial experiences.

Learning Experiences

Talk to me about new learning experiences, formats and the technology platforms that can help you reach your objectives.

As a visiting faculty, I teach Emergent Technology for Managers.

Find out more about online courses on Learning Experiences, Cyber Safety and Digital Best practices.

Safety Experiences

Connected experiences open a new frontier of convenience for customers and companies. One needs to be mindful of cybersecurity and safety as this is an experience issue.

Cybersafety training, digital safety audits of products and teams provide the starting point of creating safe experiences.


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