Author: Syamant

  • Franchising a Health Network

    Most successful franchising businesses will tell you that agreements and compliance aside, the key to franchising is to find partners that agree with your brand philosophy and your style of working

  • Safety Matters

    There is a need to improve the culture of safety. Small steps, larger programmes and ongoing reiteration need to become a part of our conversation.

  • Aspects of Experience

    So what makes you feel good when you walk into a store, hospital, travel company, office or even a website? Many things im sure! Over the course of our work in experience consulting we have consolidated the key aspects of customer experience to the following seven areas Environment Accessibility Technology People Knowledge Service Offers. Environment […]

  • Experience Integrity

    Some time back, a news channel carried a report on data privacy weaknesses. The news report pertained to a female news reporter’s personal records, from two different service providers, being made available to just about anyone who could pay. The report then went on to describe how easy it is to obtain bank records and […]