Audio Dial-in To Your Web Meeting

This may be apparent to larger companies and people used to web conferencing. The recent work from home situation is new for a large number of people. They may be using tools like Zoom for now but are also faced with a critical issue and that is erratic connectivity. If the internet connection is notContinue reading “Audio Dial-in To Your Web Meeting”

Digital Whiteboards

Writing on the wall yet? For those of us who love whiteboards and markers to build ideas, plans and to connect the dots with colleagues, it must be a significant change to be working from home. The absence of markers and the physical space of the meeting room makes for a distorting change in workflows.Continue reading “Digital Whiteboards”

Some Key Digital Safety Best Practices

The digital transformation of the home has taken an unexpected turn. Not smart speakers, gaming consoles and smart homes but people are also looking at new software, hardware for making the work from home environment more productive. As you and your family sign up for new services, don’t lose track of some key digital safetyContinue reading “Some Key Digital Safety Best Practices”

Move Fast. Fix Things

This post is about two lessons that I learnt fairly early in my career. They are part of the title. Two decades ago, a prospective client spoke rather condescendingly at my suggestion to evaluate digital tools in some processes that we were discussing at the time. The research, he said, hadn’t identified the areas weContinue reading “Move Fast. Fix Things”

Retail is here to stay. Experience Needs Imagination

A social media update announcing the coming retail apocalypse is now a routine occurrence. News articles about this issue are relatively common as well. The impression created is that new players hungrier for success are stomping all over brick and mortar. At the same, these new companies are not just online but are also openingContinue reading “Retail is here to stay. Experience Needs Imagination”