Category: Customer Experience

  • App and Digital Stores – Much More to be Done

    This note focuses on the current rumble about the App Store on Apple devices. It is like a fight between a trillion-dollar company and a billion-dollar company. Then others have joined the fray as well. Some are quoting indie or artisanal developers others invoking small-medium businesses and so on. It remains a fight between massive […]

  • Customer Experience : Strengthening the Core

    The One Hour Mentor, is an innovative programme for entrepreneurs. In this conversation with Anaggh Desai, we discussed the need for sustainable experiences and customer journeys that matter.

  • Customer Experience from an ESG perspective

    This moment in time is an opportunity to reiterate the drive towards sustainable brand experiences. ESG, global commitments and most of all, new safety expectations and digital transformation have created a broad canvas for customer experience. Mark Hillary and I discussed this for his CX Files podcast. You can choose either of the the formats […]

  • Multilingual Digital Experiences

    The stay home at home era has necessitated the need for companies to offer services via digital channels. So websites, voice assistant, chatbots and apps have been put to use. The question we need to ask is whether these tools are enabled for multilingual experiences? A cursory scan of multiple company sites reveals that there […]

  • Transcribing your Digital Meeting or Conference

    These are the days of abundant digital ‘conferences’. Each conversation can be socialised. Instead of meeting in person and sharing a picture together, one is sharing the conversation. In addition, conference formats are being reimagined. Work meetings have gone digital. We are all on the same platform. Plus there can be distractions too. We are […]

  • Using Phone Camera for your Laptops

    Most laptops have average webcams. Desktops may also not have cams. With more digital meetings, there is a need for better cams. But those are not available due to the current situation. You can, however, use the exceptional cameras on your mobile phone as wifi webcams. Broadly you would need to do the following- Download […]