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Data Breach – 10 customer expectations

When brands and companies are moving towards more digital platforms, services and even APIs it is time for the brand purpose to reflect this long-term commitment. Leaky data faucets, incorrect settings, and improper sharing practices are not technical problems alone; they should be a brand purpose focus. Monetising and being a data business are all fine, but the company needs to be a trustee of their customer data and safety in this context too.
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Chai time with NFT: A moment in history like no other?

It is essential to understand the impact of a development like this and take stock of it from multiple dimensions depending on the stakeholder's perspective.
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Subscriptions - ESG Journey Mapping to Ensure a Great Experience

Subscriptions can be an exciting canvas with multiple facets and new ways to imagine experiences!
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App and Digital Stores - Much More to be Done

This note focuses on the current rumble about the App Store on Apple devices. It is like a fight between a trillion-dollar company and …
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Customer Experience from an ESG perspective

This moment in time is an opportunity to reiterate the drive towards sustainable brand experiences. ESG, global commitments and most of all, new safety …
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ESG and Apple Design

I’ve never bought an Apple device for their design. Over the years, the reason to buy were many, but more often than not, a …
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