Category: Learning Experience

  • More to imagine and build

    Learning experiences, pre-visualising realistic experiences and walkthroughs and linking back to other features are starting points.

  • Note Taking Process and Apps

    Work-related apps and insights are one thing, knowledge enhancement and keeping abreast of the critical changes have become very important for everyone. My own note-taking methods have evolved, and the tools that I use have also changed.

  • Digital Skills for a New World

    From a technology standpoint- Digital safety, Cloud-first services, Realtime3D or Interactive 3D will become more focused.

  • Simpler words

    This year, I came across two words that I have previously never used or heard in mainstream conversation. You guessed it – Asymptomatic and Comorbidity. Let’s say the usage went ‘viral’! A day or two after an official, somewhere in the world, talked about comorbidities, it was the theme in office blocks nearby. The deliberations…

  • Full Featured Learning Experiences for Schools, Not Video Meetings

    Should educational institutions be using a video calling and meeting solution or a solution that helps get the task of educating children efficiently? Difficult circumstanced necessitated the adoption of Zoom. It nevertheless opens up a range of security and learning efficacy challenges. I recently wrote on the safety challenges that Zoom need to address. Large…

  • Science, Creativity and Imagination

    I was 15 when I read Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke and discovered space fiction! What a story that was even though some concepts were beyond me. Recently, I was reminded of the key aspects of the book when I read about the interstellar object that passed through our solar system. At that…