Children – Data Games with their Future

There are three data points to think about Instagram is working on a version for children under 13 Proctoring applications are a lot more acceptable with educational institutions The Metaverse and it’s inroads into the world of children Let’s start with these though Safety in the browser You would be aware of a new initiativeContinue reading “Children – Data Games with their Future”

Data Breach – 10 customer expectations

When brands and companies are moving towards more digital platforms, services and even APIs it is time for the brand purpose to reflect this long-term commitment. Leaky data faucets, incorrect settings, and improper sharing practices are not technical problems alone; they should be a brand purpose focus.

Monetising and being a data business are all fine, but the company needs to be a trustee of their customer data and safety in this context too.

How many extensions have you installed on your browser?

They can be a bit of a safety risk! The browser is the primary destination for most users. Sign up for a specific service, and you can do most of the things required in the world of work and play. For every esoteric functionality, there probably is a browser extension. Large companies make some extensions,Continue reading “How many extensions have you installed on your browser?”