Category: Spatial Experience

  • Physical Spaces and Digital Experiences

    Burberry and Elle Digital have created a virtual store experience that’s available till April 19. They are exploring the relationship between physical and digital experiences to enhance personalised luxury commerce. And certainly introducing the brand to a broader community! It’s a virtual replica of its flagship Ginza store, and you can browse the 3 floors […]

  • Industrial Smart Glasses and Spatial Reality Displays

    Sony Spatial Reality Display I first saw the video in October last year, and it has been a part of emerging technology discussions. You are not wearing any headset or glasses and perhaps will open up a new way of working on 3D or maybe spatial experiences in creative new ways. An example of that […]

  • Situational Awareness and Augmented Reality Headsets

    In Feb, the Indian Army ordered an augmented reality head-mounted display system (ARHMD) that would improve situation awareness and response with the help of radar and thermal overlays. The selected vendors will develop prototypes for further evaluation. US Army, meanwhile, is investing in the Hololens and cloud-based Integrated Visual Augmentation System. In addition to security […]

  • Augmented reality – AR Contacts, Mars Rover and more

    AR Contacts Lens is likely to be available for testing later this year and is expected to be tried by people with visual impairment. Mojo Vision has created a prototype that contains an image sensor, display, motion sensors and even wireless radios. You can see through Perseverance rover Mars Rover’s eyes and even take selfies […]