Transcribing your Digital Meeting or Conference

These are the days of abundant digital ‘conferences’. Each conversation can be socialised. Instead of meeting in person and sharing a picture together, one is sharing the conversation. In addition, conference formats are being reimagined. Work meetings have gone digital. We are all on the same platform. Plus there can be distractions too. We areContinue reading “Transcribing your Digital Meeting or Conference”

Using Phone Camera for your Laptops

Most laptops have average webcams. Desktops may also not have cams. With more digital meetings, there is a need for better cams. But those are not available due to the current situation. You can, however, use the exceptional cameras on your mobile phone as wifi webcams. Broadly you would need to do the following- DownloadContinue reading “Using Phone Camera for your Laptops”

Should You Zoom?

Zoom gained attention almost overnight because of the extended health-related lockdowns. As everyone had to work from home, companies with investments in Microsoft365 or GSuite perhaps already had communication solutions that could be tapped for running video and audio meetings. Their usage increased as people figured out ways to collaborate and talk. Zoom gained becauseContinue reading “Should You Zoom?”

Audio Dial-in To Your Web Meeting

This may be apparent to larger companies and people used to web conferencing. The recent work from home situation is new for a large number of people. They may be using tools like Zoom for now but are also faced with a critical issue and that is erratic connectivity. If the internet connection is notContinue reading “Audio Dial-in To Your Web Meeting”

Digital Whiteboards

Writing on the wall yet? For those of us who love whiteboards and markers to build ideas, plans and to connect the dots with colleagues, it must be a significant change to be working from home. The absence of markers and the physical space of the meeting room makes for a distorting change in workflows.Continue reading “Digital Whiteboards”

Some Key Digital Safety Best Practices

The digital transformation of the home has taken an unexpected turn. Not smart speakers, gaming consoles and smart homes but people are also looking at new software, hardware for making the work from home environment more productive. As you and your family sign up for new services, don’t lose track of some key digital safetyContinue reading “Some Key Digital Safety Best Practices”