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In a world where everyone is seeking smart people, experts and lists, the real lessons that one learns are in the nuggets of insight, encouragement or the tough questions that some people provide for no apparent benefit. These people may actually be outside your social circle or influence. Call them chance encounters or serendipity but one just comes across these people and they make a difference to the outcome of one’s situation at that time.
A mentor’s input is never a commercial transaction, because if there is some money involved then one could question motive. A mentor is not really a designation and one does not anoint someone as mentor. A person rarely would announce to the world that they have identified a mentor. A mentor is just someone they would turn to for that practical, no nonsense, non judgmental input over a period of time.
Then there are books that one turns too, ever so often. Anytime there is a doubt in the mind there are some books that one tends to turn too. They are not self help books but books that provide the reason that we seek for a particular thought etc.
PS : This post is built on the thought started by Gaurav Mishra in his post, I’m Searching For Mentors

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