Full Featured Learning Experiences for Schools, Not Video Meetings

Should educational institutions be using a video calling and meeting solution or a solution that helps get the task of educating children efficiently? Difficult …
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Should You Zoom?

Zoom gained attention almost overnight because of the extended health-related lockdowns. As everyone had to work from home, companies with investments in Microsoft365 or …
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Sound Choices

There is an opportunity for HR teams to place productivity-enhancing or stress-reducing playlists in Teams and Slack.
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Audio Dial-in To Your Web Meeting

This may be apparent to larger companies and people used to web conferencing. The recent work from home situation is new for a large …
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Work at Home and the Reality of Connectivity

Patchy network situations means one would have to think about building redundancy in connectivity options for employees i.e. they have more than one connection to ensure continuous operations.
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Digital Whiteboards

Writing on the wall yet? For those of us who love whiteboards and markers to build ideas, plans and to connect the dots with …
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Some Key Digital Safety Best Practices

The digital transformation of the home has taken an unexpected turn. Not smart speakers, gaming consoles and smart homes but people are also looking …
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How to Access Your Desktop Computer from Home

Work from home is the pressing need of the moment. For people who have been using desktop computers in their offices, this is a challenge that needs quick resolution.
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ESG and Apple Design

I’ve never bought an Apple device for their design. Over the years, the reason to buy were many, but more often than not, a …
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The Hotel Industry Needs to Change. Fast!

So what is a modern day hotel then? A place with unique characteristics of the city that only the ultra-rich can afford or a place that reflects the rich culture of the city and connects to the more modern ethos?
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