Cardboard People, Photoshopped Beauty and Real Brands

This is supposed to be the age of transparency, empathy and connectedness. Can we please agree on what the real brand is? Advertising is …
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Lighting Up My Life

Concepts like Hue, Nest, Homekit are in the minds of the customers. There is a lot more to do when lighting up someone’s place. The opportunity to make a difference starts now.
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Brand Interfaces of the Future

The idea of a front-end design of the future is a very compelling. Currently, most would focus on responsive websites but if you look at the idea of front-end of the future, it is not quite a website but much more. There are 5 points to consider.
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Instinctive Responses in a 2 Second World Need a Sense of Reality.

Success can be misinterpreted. One can believe that the method that helped reach a goal once will also provide similar results the next time. We seek to drive that as a best practice or create rules. Somewhere in this need to scale success we lose the ability to listen and collaborate.
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The Socialism of Mobile Phone Companies

Isn't there a negative customer experience for these customers? Maybe there are business reasons why this model has been adopted but It does seem disrespectful to customers as well. One might argue the customer is welcome to buy another company's product and most likely they will.
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Reinventing the Employee Experience

Future of the workplace is an interesting topic and if searched on the net one finds rich material. The answers to these and other intents and questions will outline changes in the workplace. Workplaces need to encourage initiative fearlessly.
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The Jewellery Buying Experience

Jewellery and what motivates a woman to buy. The jewellery shopper is definitely more discerning—she’s looking for new, fresh designs and not just brand names.
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Fashion + Digital

What role does the fashion show to a select few mean when the taste makers and influencers are elsewhere on a social platform? How can customer experience help achieve business goals in a truly global marketplace?
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The Frontier of Human-Technology Experiences for an Organisation

The customer experience must be at the heart of an organisation’s decision making. Clarity, Capability and Creativity is essential to develop human-technology experiences.
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Experimenting with Sensors - The Organisational Perspective

Sensor networks are opening up many new innovative opportunities. Organisations need to address key challenges like People, Data, Standards, Privacy, Connectivity and more before tapping these opportunities.
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