Tag: ESG + Sustainability

  • Choosing a Laptop

    An opportunity for the company to make their brand experience shine. It is also time to rethink the whole concept of ‘planned obsolescence’. Laptops and devices need to last longer through the right feature fix, longer software updates and support and recycle services

  • Children – Data Games with their Future

    There are three data points to think about Let’s start with these though Safety in the browser If you have concerns, then Edge is the default browser on Windows machines, and you can choose Firefox or Brave. Mac’s default browser is Safari, but all the other three browsers are available. Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge’s new Kids…

  • A QR code in the Sky

    Somewhere in Shanghai, there is a QR code in the sky. There is the technical wizardry of drone operations that could create a QR code in the night sky. It then makes you wonder if this is needed? Scanning conversations on Twitter, the responses included – Now imagine a child, fascinated by apps like Sky…

  • Data Breach – 10 customer expectations

    When brands and companies are moving towards more digital platforms, services and even APIs it is time for the brand purpose to reflect this long-term commitment. Leaky data faucets, incorrect settings, and improper sharing practices are not technical problems alone; they should be a brand purpose focus. Monetising and being a data business are all…

  • Chai time with NFT: A moment in history like no other?

    It is essential to understand the impact of a development like this and take stock of it from multiple dimensions depending on the stakeholder’s perspective.

  • Subscriptions – ESG Journey Mapping to Ensure a Great Experience

    Subscriptions can be an exciting canvas with multiple facets and new ways to imagine experiences!