Tag: Experience Design

  • Choosing a Laptop

    An opportunity for the company to make their brand experience shine. It is also time to rethink the whole concept of ‘planned obsolescence’. Laptops and devices need to last longer through the right feature fix, longer software updates and support and recycle services

  • New exhibition and conferencing experiences

    A large exhibition means an ecosystem of people working at different stages to ensure the exhibition and conference experience is a success. There is an extended ecosystem of hotels, travel companies, connectivity providers and the benefits accrued to a city. Things have changed now. The last two years have changed the exhibition experience and expectations. […]

  • A QR code in the Sky

    Somewhere in Shanghai, there is a QR code in the sky. There is the technical wizardry of drone operations that could create a QR code in the night sky. It then makes you wonder if this is needed? Scanning conversations on Twitter, the responses included – Now imagine a child, fascinated by apps like Sky […]

  • App and Digital Stores – Much More to be Done

    This note focuses on the current rumble about the App Store on Apple devices. It is like a fight between a trillion-dollar company and a billion-dollar company. Then others have joined the fray as well. Some are quoting indie or artisanal developers others invoking small-medium businesses and so on. It remains a fight between massive […]

  • Customer Experience from an ESG perspective

    This moment in time is an opportunity to reiterate the drive towards sustainable brand experiences. ESG, global commitments and most of all, new safety expectations and digital transformation have created a broad canvas for customer experience. Mark Hillary and I discussed this for his CX Files podcast. You can choose either of the the formats […]

  • ESG and Apple Design

    I’ve never bought an Apple device for their design. Over the years, the reason to buy were many, but more often than not, a functional need was addressed. It could have been the stability of the operating system, longer lasting devices or excellent service, devices that allowed for backup and more. In those decisions, I […]