Tag: Experience Design

  • The Hotel Industry Needs to Change. Fast!

    So what is a modern day hotel then? A place with unique characteristics of the city that only the ultra-rich can afford or a place that reflects the rich culture of the city and connects to the more modern ethos?

  • Move Fast. Fix Things

    This post is about two lessons that I learnt fairly early in my career. They are part of the title. Two decades ago, a prospective client spoke rather condescendingly at my suggestion to evaluate digital tools in some processes that we were discussing at the time. The research, he said, hadn’t identified the areas we […]

  • Retail is here to stay. Experience Needs Imagination

    A social media update announcing the coming retail apocalypse is now a routine occurrence. News articles about this issue are relatively common as well. The impression created is that new players hungrier for success are stomping all over brick and mortar. At the same, these new companies are not just online but are also opening […]

  • Thinking about the Unpolished Dal and FMCG Brand Experience

    Many years ago, an engine oil major, a much-loved brand in India worked with us to answer an important question, ”What next?“ Why? Because each new car brand was endorsing their own or partner engine oil brands. Also, the experience had changed from one where a customer went explicitly to get the oil they wanted […]

  • Thinking about the Electric Vehicle Customer Journey

    The electricity business worldwide is at the centre of changes brought about by new technologies and rapid merging of multiple business verticals. These changes are increasingly apparent in India as well. This transformation which involves substantial enhancements in renewable capacity, the push towards electric vehicles (EV), electrical charging stations, storage, new software-driven experiences and above all […]

  • The Essence of Your Brand’s Digital Ambition

    What value can a brand add to a consumer’s life. It seems like a simple thing. Of getting the basics right. Even if the ‘ basics ‘ keep changing with time and technology.