Tag: Experience Design

  • Cities, Sports Leagues and their Brand Experiences

    It was match day and not an ordinary one at that. Bayern Munich was scheduled to play in the final of the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League. This information was part of the briefing by the pilot of a Lufthansa flight that I was in. What stuck me was the use of ‘my team’ in the […]

  • Cardboard People, Photoshopped Beauty and Real Brands

    This is supposed to be the age of transparency, empathy and connectedness. Can we please agree on what the real brand is? Advertising is photo enhanced. Situations are all about perfect locations, beautiful happy moments or scary ones depending on product category. Advertising success invariably is shown as looking down upon someone else. Deviousness instead […]

  • The Socialism of Mobile Phone Companies

    Isn’t there a negative customer experience for these customers? Maybe there are business reasons why this model has been adopted but It does seem disrespectful to customers as well. One might argue the customer is welcome to buy another company’s product and most likely they will.

  • The Jewellery Buying Experience

    Jewellery and what motivates a woman to buy. The jewellery shopper is definitely more discerning—she’s looking for new, fresh designs and not just brand names.

  • Fashion + Digital

    What role does the fashion show to a select few mean when the taste makers and influencers are elsewhere on a social platform? How can customer experience help achieve business goals in a truly global marketplace?

  • Notes from Brands Under Fire

    Brand experts discussing experience, social responsibility, trust and much more in managing a brand crisis.