Tag: Work from Home

  • Choosing a Laptop

    An opportunity for the company to make their brand experience shine. It is also time to rethink the whole concept of ‘planned obsolescence’. Laptops and devices need to last longer through the right feature fix, longer software updates and support and recycle services

  • Should You Zoom?

    Zoom gained attention almost overnight because of the extended health-related lockdowns. As everyone had to work from home, companies with investments in Microsoft365 or GSuite perhaps already had communication solutions that could be tapped for running video and audio meetings. Their usage increased as people figured out ways to collaborate and talk. Zoom gained because…

  • Sound Choices

    There is an opportunity for HR teams to place productivity-enhancing or stress-reducing playlists in Teams and Slack.

  • Work at Home and the Reality of Connectivity

    Patchy network situations means one would have to think about building redundancy in connectivity options for employees i.e. they have more than one connection to ensure continuous operations.

  • Digital Whiteboards

    Writing on the wall yet? For those of us who love whiteboards and markers to build ideas, plans and to connect the dots with colleagues, it must be a significant change to be working from home. The absence of markers and the physical space of the meeting room makes for a distorting change in workflows.…

  • Some Key Digital Safety Best Practices

    The digital transformation of the home has taken an unexpected turn. Not smart speakers, gaming consoles and smart homes but people are also looking at new software, hardware for making the work from home environment more productive. As you and your family sign up for new services, don’t lose track of some key digital safety…